Hiring an SEO agency

Hiring an SEO company can be difficult. Are you looking for information on what to consider – when hiring an SEO firm?

Trustworthiness: How trustworthy is the firm? Many people forget, the SEO industry has a terrible rapsheet. Many vendors come and go. Many are untrustworthy, and quite frankly – harmful. It’s extremely important you consider hiring a trustworthy vendor. Look at things like their BBB score, Google Partner accreditation, and other reviews about them online.

Results: It’s a great idea to ask seo companies about past clients. Specifically, ask if the SEO firm has any clients in your niche or genre – who you can speak to, and discuss their experience with.

Contracts: Ask to see the seo companies contract. It’s extremely important you understand what you’re committing to. Many companies have long, and complicated contracts which screw over the client.

Most SEO companies will charge on either a performance based, or monthly, basis. In terms of performance basis – this means, the company will only charge you IF and WHEN the company is able to deliver results. If the company NEVER delivers results – then no payment is required.